Internet beyond "selfies, hashtags and punchlines"!

 Our speaker, Yu-Ting Liu wants to invite you into a deeper understanding of connectivity.

Our speaker, Yu-Ting Liu wants to invite you into a deeper understanding of connectivity.


Being born in Taiwan, raised in Germany and connected with the world through the internet gave me a unique perspective on what it means to be connected. As Malcolm Gladwell described in his book „The tipping point“, I truly believe that the time you were born can determine the direction of your life. I was born in ’89 and therefore was already old enough to remember life without access to the digital sphere via the internet, yet young enough to grow up with the internet in a natural way. Therefore I belong to the generation of the so-called „digital natives“.


That and my interest in the digital world already reflected in my internet consumption and engagement during my late teenage years. At the time my steps as a professional in social media were considered early. In doing things like blogging or building social media communities for local restaurants, I was one of the first to experience the influence of platforms like MySpace or Facebook that used these for goal-driven communication.


Ironically, what sounded illusional then has now become everybody’s daily reality. The infrastructure of the internet has accelerated globalization and left an impact on every part of our life. It has not only been dictating where our eyes and ears are, it has changed the behavior of our entire society. The way we consume, the things we are entertained by and also the way we communicate with each other has undergone a revolution. 

In this digital age, new technologies based on the internet are popping up at a speed, that is hard to catch up with. Social Media was „the new thing“ a couple of years ago, virtual and augmented reality are considered the hippest trends right now and „the blockchain“ the next big thing. These are only some of the buzz topics among a dozen others.


How can we best utilize the possibilities of exchange and inspiration beyond any boundaries in a digital age as this? This question has been driving me as a global citizen and digital marketer. A new era has evolved and we all are witnesses of this impactful shift. Due to the recent technological inventions, the long propagated mindset of “think global, act local” is challenged to evolve into “think global, act global”. But have we all chosen the fitting approach to this thus far? I believe what we have created today is a digital world filled with superficialities and self-congratulation. I am convinced that a shift in everybody’s approach to these exciting developments will not only secure that new opportunities won't become threats to society, but most importantly will support how we as individuals with a new global view can really reach a deeper awareness of the possibilities given through digital communication and community. An awareness that will enable us to see and use these tools beyond “selfies, hashtags and punchlines”. I am looking forward to sharing with you how this can be made reality. See you in Berlin.

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